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Virtual Numbers
numero virtuel

Manivox proposes virtual numbers from over 50 countries. More than 5000 local prefixes are available. Manivox numbers can provide you with a local virtual presence in cities / countries where you don't have an office. You can also choose a number from your own city if you want additional telephone numbers where your clients can reach you. Virtual numbers are ordered online and are immediately available. Within a few minutes, you can order your virtual numbers and start receiving calls from all over the world!

Web Callback
web callback

The Manivox Web Callback button (also sometimes known as "click to call") allows website visitors to be immediately called back for free. The visitor enters his(her) phone number and is automatically called back and connected to the customer service of the website. Such buttons, if correctly placed on the right pages of an e-commerce website can generate up to 40% more paying clients conversions. Integration is super easy and only takes minutes.

Dynamic Numbers
numero confidentiel

Manivox's dynamic numbers pool allows to propose telephony connection services while maintaining the confidentiality of the called number. It can use standard geographical or premium telephone numbers if one wishes to monetize the service. Applications are: classifieds sites, real estate portals, dating sites, online directories ...

Call Tracking

Manivox proposes unique tracking tools for all types of incoming calls. On top of identifying the telephone number the call has been received on, Manivox supplies information such as: webpage url, geolocation and telephone number of the caller. Call tracking allows you to measure ROI of offline advertising campaigns as well as measuring the efficiency of an online campaign. Call tracking is offered with all Manivox services: virtual numbers, web callback, Manidirect and dynamic numbers.

Intelligent Alert

Manivox proposes a unique feature called "Intelligent Alert" that provides information about the incoming call a couple of seconds before the first ring. This information includes: url of webpage that displayed the telephone number, Manidirect or web callback button, geolocation, caller ID, name and other customizable fields. This information allows to understand the context of the incoming call and therefore to provide the most efficient response to the caller.


Each Manivox account comes with a powerful analytics interface which provides detailed information on all incoming calls. Analytics combined with Manivox call tracking capabilities allow to identify which offline advertising campaigns generate most incoming calls or which website url generates most callback requests. Many customization features allow for the generation of various Statistics.

Web Management Interface
manivox temps reel

All the Manivox product line features are managed in real time within the administration back-office supplied to each client. The ordering and delivery processes are 100% automated and immediate for ALL Manivox services.

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